March 24, 2009


2008 provided an amazing year for woodsist, including releases from Pink Reason, Robedoor, Crystal Stilts, and the much talked about Vivian Girls, not to mention to cap it off with a mini LP from Blank Dogs and full LP from san diego hype machine Wavves. But you already know that, onto the future. How could this be beat? 2009 is how.
most pumped

they were way nice when we tried touring earlier this year. mattey gave us all tapes and shirts to please our little fan boy hearts, it ruled. Their debut full length is set to drop sometime around summer this year on woodsist
borrowed the some shame tape and was completely blown away. i can't explaing how much i have been listening to this. family creeps ruled, but i feel like this is going to be a real big deal in 09

this album and the meth teeth album are what i am majorly looking forward to in 09

other stuff to be pumped by
real estate 12"
psychadelic horseshit 12"

stuff i haven't heard of but is coming out on woodsist in 09
kurt vile

least pumped on



HI SHADOW said...

is that the same ganglians that played that mi ami show?

Family Time said...

yeah, their music online is very deceptive from live, did you see them?

steven speilborg said...

Yeah, that set was a disaster. What was up with the sound there though, everything sounded so fuzzy, i couldnt really say much for any of the sets though the bands did their best. I hear ganglians are pretty hit or miss live though but that when they click it blows the recordings out of the water.

Kevin said...

$15 lps and $7 7 inches

Family Time said...

thats funny coming from kevin, how much would you charge if you were able to put out 12"s

Family Time said...

the sound at pehrspace rules, that was a wierd monday though. usually mabson does sound and he wasn't there. i don't know i walked and heard a couple of songs and it was very flat.