March 23, 2009

Memory Lane kindof : OCS

a couple of weekends ago i was going through my records when i found an old favorite that i haven't listened to in a while, the OCS album "3 songs about death and dying". picked up at the record store i worked at a couple of years ago for no other reason that it looked dope. and the first disc that is 3 became an instant favorite, which i later got on vinyl. the song "second date" sticks out especially, being one of the most delicately haunting songs i have ever heard. the OCS are now Thee OHSEES and now carry more of a garage rock throwback thing with two vocals and two guitars. their sound now is very different than what it was. but still good in it's own right.

last week i was looking for some video footage of that particular era of OCS only to find new recordings of a bunch of songs that is coming out on a DVD on tomlab records. they are of the old fashion of the OCS and employ their old drummer/noisemaker whose name is hard to find, but yeah here is THEE OHSEES playing "we are free" near a freeway in San Francisco. this rules, i never thought it would ever be this way again.


Kevin said...

man this morning i was just thinking about how i can't take any bands that have "thee" seriously: "thee makeout party" "thee audacity" ETC though i might cut this dude some slack just cause he used to be in a good band

Family Time said...

i agree thee is pretty terrible, but you don't even like the album i am talking about

Kevin said...

i've never even heard any of the albums, only saw em live and it was like diet coachwhips lite

Family Time said...

you are so stuck up