March 24, 2009


2008 provided an amazing year for woodsist, including releases from Pink Reason, Robedoor, Crystal Stilts, and the much talked about Vivian Girls, not to mention to cap it off with a mini LP from Blank Dogs and full LP from san diego hype machine Wavves. But you already know that, onto the future. How could this be beat? 2009 is how.
most pumped

they were way nice when we tried touring earlier this year. mattey gave us all tapes and shirts to please our little fan boy hearts, it ruled. Their debut full length is set to drop sometime around summer this year on woodsist
borrowed the some shame tape and was completely blown away. i can't explaing how much i have been listening to this. family creeps ruled, but i feel like this is going to be a real big deal in 09

this album and the meth teeth album are what i am majorly looking forward to in 09

other stuff to be pumped by
real estate 12"
psychadelic horseshit 12"

stuff i haven't heard of but is coming out on woodsist in 09
kurt vile

least pumped on


March 23, 2009

Memory Lane kindof : OCS

a couple of weekends ago i was going through my records when i found an old favorite that i haven't listened to in a while, the OCS album "3 songs about death and dying". picked up at the record store i worked at a couple of years ago for no other reason that it looked dope. and the first disc that is 3 became an instant favorite, which i later got on vinyl. the song "second date" sticks out especially, being one of the most delicately haunting songs i have ever heard. the OCS are now Thee OHSEES and now carry more of a garage rock throwback thing with two vocals and two guitars. their sound now is very different than what it was. but still good in it's own right.

last week i was looking for some video footage of that particular era of OCS only to find new recordings of a bunch of songs that is coming out on a DVD on tomlab records. they are of the old fashion of the OCS and employ their old drummer/noisemaker whose name is hard to find, but yeah here is THEE OHSEES playing "we are free" near a freeway in San Francisco. this rules, i never thought it would ever be this way again.


This is my jam right now, Showgirls. Ex-Silver daggers on bass, Ex-Erebus NYX and STYX/Weekend Warrior on drums and i have zero info about the lady on keys but i dig it/everything. the bass and drums are heavy as fuck, i feel like the way all the crash hits make my headphones get all fuzzed up is an added bonus in this case.

Their Myspace offers up two slabs of semi-repetitive art punk. On "No Mistakes" i feel that the bass sound carries the song throughout the recording, swaping places with the drums as the backbone and leaving the drummer to add to the ideas of the bass. at the mid-point of the song the bass provides ground for the drums to almost solo in the least cock rock aspect of the word. There is a break that i felt takes from other LA contemporaries, but is almost immediatly taken into a different direction than seen in other bands.

Vocals are faint but i have faith that they will be evident in future recordings.

they are playing in LA on the 10th and 16th of APRIL, you should check them out

check this band out HERE SERIOUSLY!!!!! no mistakes is a solid song

March 19, 2009

The Magnificent Seven... inch

I went to see Clipd Beaks play at the smell on Monday, after the show I sat next to the merch table for like 20 minutes waiting to pick up their records. I’m glad I didn’t get bummed out and leave because the 7inch pictured above was totally worth it. When they played, they worked with a lot of loops, and a repetitious sort of tribal drum beat. The sound was a lot different from what I was used to with “Hoarse Lords,” the style gave me a distinct feeling of being tired and dehydrated and having those weird death trip hallucinations while slowly trudging on even though there is little hope of escape. It was exhausting in a good way. After listening to the 7 inch, I was fondly reminded of those same feelings. Visions in particular (funny song name) made me smile. What is a chorus? This shit rolls over itself again and again constantly evolving, but hardly changing at all. Dank Swamp is great too, a bit noisier with thicker more experimental textures. At the end of dank swamp they turn the speed down way low so you’re like “who pushed the button on the turntable” but you’re alone, and clipd beaks is just fucking with you. It’s a good record that shows promising signs of a bright future for the band, less rock, more exp. download a collection of their shit here.
The 7" is available now from Lovepump United.

March 18, 2009


i posted a memory lane blog a while back about the wives and how amazing they were blah blah but when i was doing a little searching for some new jazz on the Pukekos blog i noticed he had uploaded all of the wives non album material. i feel like passing on some of this love because these songs rip hard. so here you go ... WIVES(<----click this to get all of WIVES non album jazz)

P.S. if anybody has the EU/UK TOUR 7" on cold sweat let me know i want it BAD(below)

March 16, 2009


i wanted to wait till these dudes were closer but i can't help it i am really pumped on their return. Vancouver's TWIN CRYSTALS are returning yet again. I am way too into this band right now considering i don't have much by them. i don't know what to say about this band, they are perfect for me they are repetitious but not to much, they can be drenched in reverb at times and at other times dry as hell, but always just punk enough for my likings. not to mention i love all of the keyboards in their songs.

nuff said just check them out here
here is a sick as fuck video of their song "two girls" such a hit

even though mutators broke up vancouver has some crazy shit happening

March 13, 2009


Rose for Bohdan
"There it is, The Creeping Moral Decay of the Past Thousand Years"

If you're like me, than you discovered this band all too late. so late in fact, that the first thing you heard was their last album ever. well actually that's not true, Ports O' Call Jon played "Then Everybody Hugged" for me late last year, and I thought it was great, though i didn't know what it was and forgot the name as soon as Id heard it.

And so, newness is a relative concept all over again. The Album "There it is, The Creeping Moral Decay of the Past Thousand Years," was released for free download at the very beginning of the year (still available) by Deathbomb Arc.

The sound is crisp, clear, and perfectly layered. it really speaks volumes about the know-how and experience of the crew responsible for production. the songs themselves are fascinating in that they project that punk-as-fuck sort of attitude that come from songs and lyrics about hostile youth takeover, religious dogma, parents sucking, and riding bikes while pairing them with a fully realized sound. its a great noise-rock album that makes you smile and consider the band as being a group of musicians who cant help but defy convention, and have a shitload of fun doing so. its at times danceable, at times incomprehensible, but fresh as hell throughout.

The album is a great introduction to the Deathbomb Arc aesthetic, not simply because its free and good, but because it is the perfect precursor to Foot Villiage, Crooked Cowboy, Laco$ste, (all equally strange and exciting) and the Deathbomb label itself. if you arent paying for this album, you will surely pay for plenty others that are connected in some way.

March 09, 2009


this may be old news, troubleman unlimited has just released a slew of new LPs worth picking up. among them is a live radio 12" of brooklyn's current darlings vivian girls, O-VOIDS LP a pocahaunted LP, but probably the one i have been looking forward to most, the zola jesus 12" ep, "tsar bomba". limited to 500 this release will sell out within the upcoming months. zola jesus or Nika Danilova as she is legally recognized resides in madison, wisconsin. thats right wisconsin. both dark with pop structures danilova doesn't try to put a little soul in her step. she has a beautiful powerful voice. i am way into it. not to mention the dude from dead luke plays a lot of the instruments for her live. this is dope i want it. the stuff on her myspace for it sounds way better than the "poor sons" 7"

check out sea talk here
she is doing a short north east tour with wet hair, so keep your eyes peeled

March 06, 2009

UPTAPE 2:double header

so my hist 341 class got canceled today i will use this newly acquired time to blog about a new favorite, hailing from arkansas(yeah that's right arkansas) i give you PINK PRIEST

while listening, one might just dismiss this stuff as noise compositions, not saying that they are or aren't but underneath everything lies a good melody and some pretty good vocals, both haunting and jarring at the same time. seems right now everything is going to the dark side and i don't really have a hard time with that, and i don't think that pink priest does either. this music is varied so do give it all a shot. circling vultures is getting under my skin pretty well along with carving that midnight pumpkin, both can be heard on his myspace.
there is some fucked up shit happening in Arkansas,
check pink priest out here
download I Want To Stand By You At The End Of The World



ok so i missed a day what-the fuck-ever. i just found this the other day, i was wondering if this was going to happen, but it did and it rules. not not fun put out the abe vigoda full length album "skeleton" on tape. here it is

sick right, i am pumped on it. there are only 200, be sure to get it asap.
not not fun is killing the game right now, for a second right now i was questioning the quality of what they were putting out, but that racoo-oo-oon double 12" and that peaking lights tape are looking pretty sick.
check it

March 04, 2009


i picked up rogers today to hang out and i came up with the idea that i should take some pictures of him listening to a particular release and interview him as a sort of review

extreme blogging

dum dum girls
untitled 12"
captured tracks 001
initial thoughts after two listens?
rogers:it's good, super definatly awesome! um reminds me of the best friday you've ever had. but you are just sitting in the back of your friends car drinking tall cans.

favorite track?
R:hey sis or yours alone, the last one

there is a misprint between the cut out of the record and the back track listing

thoughts on the packaging?
R: :/, the artwork looks nice, but it would look 100 times better if there was more info on an insert.

how many stars?
R: 4 out of 5, i would give it a 5 but the lack of insert, yeah.

March 03, 2009


well i think i want to change the name of this blog, i think i am into "art is tough" let me know what you think.

also my bud andy is going to start posting with me in order to keep consistent on the posting...

anyways i had sushi last night and i came to the conclusion that i really miss this guy
chino's outdoor mall is crazy fancy

right now i am jamming woods new stuff, i can't tell you how pumped i am on their new album

March 02, 2009


i have noticed for a while that the frequency of my blogging in comparison to others is weak, and i have decided this morning after a refreshing monster energy drink that i will step it up. i am planing on blogging everyday for as long as i can.

here i go.

i have been meaning to blog about things i have received in the mail lately for there has been so much that i haven't checked out a lot of it.

1.blank dogs "the seconds" 12" 4 songs captured tracks 002
this is the second vinyl release from captured tracks and has some pretty rad artwork. i don't know what it is but it is way different than most blank dogs artwork that i have seen. i feel pretty lucky i ordered one early and recieved one of the 150 that have hand colored covers. i think it came out pretty classy for hand colored. i would probably do it and eventually make a bunch of crappy ones. i haven't gotten to listen to it yet.
2.dum dum girls untitled 4 song 12" captured tracks 001
same design of packaging as blank dogs 12".
not hand colored sadly but it all looks reel nice. i have already heard most of it and i love it i jammed pretty hard through the whole thing.
3.mark mccoy "wound" book the heartworm press #24
this is pretty dope i have always been into mark mccoys hand drawn stuff but in wound he dabbles in more of a cut and paste technique that leaves vagueness for your imagination to run wild. a lot of overtly sexual themes that i was way into, some beastiality in it too. i loved the packaging along with a very nice forward. the cover is dope with wound pressed into the cover on ivory white. not to mention it came in a sealed black envelope. (very creepy). it contains art from the failures album and the blessure grave cold cave crocodiles split. it is dope. worth $40
4. wavves "so bored" 7" single young turks ???
wavves is aight i liked a lot of the recordings, when i saw him live is drummer was very rock-esque. and i thought the s/t full length was more hype than what was there. with all of that aside i bought 3 "so bored " 7"s. i have been doing a lot of thinking about record fliping. and as a collector i don't really dig it, but in this case his records go for some bucks and i figured if i can buy three and put out a tape of somebody(deep sht out in march) i will and not feel bad about it.
5. bad dudes "Böse Kerle" (euro 7") altin village 023
i loved the bad dudes, not to say i don't love the bad dudes. but when i was in high school what changed my taste in music completely was a mix cd that had the bad dudes s/t album and chromatics "plaster hounds'" both are crazy different but had a great impact on my musical tastes. since then i have just automatically bought all of their releases on vinyl with this tour 7" i now have everything but their new album, that i am 50/50 on. dope artwork.
6.u.s. girls "
Kankakee Memories EP" cherry burger 001
debut release from brooklyn's new cherry burger, bad name yes great music totally. they have a 4 way split release coming out with trudgers and jeans wilder coming out soon. so looking forward. this release however is so rad. the first side is less songy than the full length on siltbreeze, but very harsh and good. on the second side miss remy does some very dope covers justice in the only way she can. you should get it , the cover is dope the music is rad and cherry burger is so nice. not to mention i got it crazy fast.
7.abe vigoda " reviver " 12" ppm 20
abe vigoda surprise me on this, i heard it in january when tyler found it online. a big change if you ask me, for the better??? yes. don't lie is amazing, dope druming and and amazing chorus solid. everything else is like a brain warp. it is all over the place in both dark and light. skeleton sounds really happy and i know its not. reviver isn't a happy record to me. i shows that this band is in the same reality as everybody else they get bummed to. this is a versatile record. i like it a lot.

i sound rich, i am totally going to blog tomorrow.