March 23, 2009


This is my jam right now, Showgirls. Ex-Silver daggers on bass, Ex-Erebus NYX and STYX/Weekend Warrior on drums and i have zero info about the lady on keys but i dig it/everything. the bass and drums are heavy as fuck, i feel like the way all the crash hits make my headphones get all fuzzed up is an added bonus in this case.

Their Myspace offers up two slabs of semi-repetitive art punk. On "No Mistakes" i feel that the bass sound carries the song throughout the recording, swaping places with the drums as the backbone and leaving the drummer to add to the ideas of the bass. at the mid-point of the song the bass provides ground for the drums to almost solo in the least cock rock aspect of the word. There is a break that i felt takes from other LA contemporaries, but is almost immediatly taken into a different direction than seen in other bands.

Vocals are faint but i have faith that they will be evident in future recordings.

they are playing in LA on the 10th and 16th of APRIL, you should check them out

check this band out HERE SERIOUSLY!!!!! no mistakes is a solid song


Chy said...

the mystery lady is named chy and she sings MUCH louder live. the recording on myspace was done on a laptop with no mic.

Family Time said...

amazing, any ex bands of involvement?
i am excited about you guys assuming you are chy.


I Like to Cook said...

yes, i am chy and i'm excited too. i used to play drums in a band called hello fever. come see us sometime! we are super live.

Anonymous said...

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