December 10, 2008



Top 5

1. T.I. -whatever you like

2. John Thill- GIRLS OF METH <3

3. Child Pornography- ???

4. Gang Of Four- Damaged Goods

5. Buzzcocks-What Do I Get?

December 01, 2008


i found this video a couple of months ago on a random youtube binge, it gets me really pumped up

i used to listen to wives "erect the youth problem" when i was in my senior year at high school at full volume. At the time i distinctly remember hating my girlfriend, not really caring about school cause i was pretty much done and having tons of fun with my friends.

the kit/wives split was pretty rad along with collab they did with john wiese that they put on a split 12" with moving units.

but ultimately their wives hate police 7" is the JAM. nothing but angst and punk, it was amazing

Twin Lion @ house in murrieta

for those of you who don't know where murrieta ca is, that is okay you wont have to go there unless you meet somebody from there.
We packed 5 people in my truck and drove really fast so we could see tyler's (rapid youth) first show as twin lion, only to find that they haven't even started setting up yet. This is what "safest in bearhugs" looked and sounded like

it was pretty rad, vocals were crazy loud but that is a + considering i can never hear rapid youth live. He played about five or six songs and the dad cut it off. This house show was thrown by some dude who was i guess visiting his family for thanksgiving break from college. Other bands played and tons of kids ranging from 15-2? showed up and people were raging crazy all over this suburban home. Things were going pretty rad until some dude started playing a radiohead song in the living room. I literally felt like i was falling into a montage / time warp through all of their high school memories, i found myself feeling real warm and safe.

and then like most high school/ bro/ wack ass house parties this one took a turn into AMAZING. I heard sounds from the living room like a fight next thing you know about six hundred pounds of dude were fighting right next to mom's fine china SICKKKKK!!!!
cops came drama continued some dude got real mad cause he couldn't find his symbols and yeah it was a great party.