March 19, 2009

The Magnificent Seven... inch

I went to see Clipd Beaks play at the smell on Monday, after the show I sat next to the merch table for like 20 minutes waiting to pick up their records. I’m glad I didn’t get bummed out and leave because the 7inch pictured above was totally worth it. When they played, they worked with a lot of loops, and a repetitious sort of tribal drum beat. The sound was a lot different from what I was used to with “Hoarse Lords,” the style gave me a distinct feeling of being tired and dehydrated and having those weird death trip hallucinations while slowly trudging on even though there is little hope of escape. It was exhausting in a good way. After listening to the 7 inch, I was fondly reminded of those same feelings. Visions in particular (funny song name) made me smile. What is a chorus? This shit rolls over itself again and again constantly evolving, but hardly changing at all. Dank Swamp is great too, a bit noisier with thicker more experimental textures. At the end of dank swamp they turn the speed down way low so you’re like “who pushed the button on the turntable” but you’re alone, and clipd beaks is just fucking with you. It’s a good record that shows promising signs of a bright future for the band, less rock, more exp. download a collection of their shit here.
The 7" is available now from Lovepump United.

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