June 21, 2009

going back to 8th grade

so lately a lot of kool kieth has been coming into my life. i've been hearing him when i've gone places i've been seeing him some of his videos on skate channels( hahah i kind of started trying to skate again) anyway he was all i listened to 8th grade along with wu tang and blink 182 , the dudes put out a lot of stuff from 1996 to now he's also got some of the coolest anf funniest album art work for an underground rapper anyway here's some jams of his i'm feeling

June 17, 2009

You're an idiot

Pixies big ass box set

this isn't a review cause i don't have it. it costs $175 and if you are a super fan the special edition costs $500. in today's economic climate don't people think that people aren't going to pay that much for something like this? just thinking about this is frustrating to me, not to mention thinking about the yuppy jerks who are actually going to buy this.

in other news check out this new sonic youth video, i need to get this new album

for sam.

what ive been into lately.

Stuff that I have been listening to enthusiastically.
A frames (same sentiments as rogers)
Spirit Duplicator (brian m. gave me this, its rad. check out the song)
Xbxrx (new)
Al qaeda (touring and putting out a 7" collab with mike watt and gabe serbian on scotch tapes)

In the Car – npnl, mitb, bjk, dna, cadillac party, (what is currently on my dashboard)

Stoned – burial

Spirit Duplicator - listening to aphrodite's child's 666 in the parking lot of the tigard babies r us at night

June 15, 2009

Sleepers Master

You need a vacation, at least that's what you may think of when you listen to southern California's own Norse Horse. Norse Horse's debut, on yours truly, will consist of 8 songs that move your mind cautiously over streams of reverb to a sea of change and innocence that give you little choice but forget yourself for a little while. On the song Swamp Trotter Norse Horse does just that in a little over 7 minutes.

take some time, do it for yourself

"Swamp Trotter" by Norse Horse-Secret Geographies cs

June 01, 2009

current obsessions

hey everyone , here's a few things new and old that i'm obsessed with at the moment

A Frames - Black Forrest ( so good how come i didn't hear this when i was younger?? )
Gary War - Opens cs ( still way into this gary war playing live on wfmu really good BUY IT! )
Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange ( five really relaxed and energetic songs check it out )
Gay Beast - Second Wave ( i heard of this band a long time ago and we were supposed to play with them on tour anyway this album is a lot of fun fast paced weird sounds and rad vocals )

get excited