March 04, 2009


i picked up rogers today to hang out and i came up with the idea that i should take some pictures of him listening to a particular release and interview him as a sort of review

extreme blogging

dum dum girls
untitled 12"
captured tracks 001
initial thoughts after two listens?
rogers:it's good, super definatly awesome! um reminds me of the best friday you've ever had. but you are just sitting in the back of your friends car drinking tall cans.

favorite track?
R:hey sis or yours alone, the last one

there is a misprint between the cut out of the record and the back track listing

thoughts on the packaging?
R: :/, the artwork looks nice, but it would look 100 times better if there was more info on an insert.

how many stars?
R: 4 out of 5, i would give it a 5 but the lack of insert, yeah.

1 comment:

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