April 29, 2009

My brother listens to really cool hip hop

So my little brother is one of the coolest guys i know. like strait up cool. and i recently started to notice how cool the hip hop he listens to is.

here's a few jams and picture of my brother.

Sicilian Breeze by The Jaka

The Only Thing That Matters by Curren$y Ft. Street Wiz

Bloodline by Lil Wayne

my brother



April 28, 2009



if you haven't seen this yet thank me later


April 23, 2009

Stephen Steinbrink "You Are Dead" cdr

I wouldn't feel right about enjoying this CD as much as I have and not write smething about it. I planned to write about it anyway, but now feel that I am actually obligated to do it as a way of giving back. It is that good. This is how the songs made me feel.
The style is not any serious departure from the style of prior releases, it is still Stephen Steinbrink relating deeply personal stories and feelings with the sweetest voice and catchy pop arrangements. the best parts about these songs are the subtle effects which are layered in the background, the occasional lapse into a snotty lyrical attitude, and those catchy fucking bass lines.
The first song/title track makes me feel dumb for making the same mistakes and hoping for different results. It is kind of patronizing in that it sounds approprite for a long thoughtful car ride, but it urges that my thoughtfulness is misguided and futile. The fuzzed out acoustic guitar is still comforting nonetheless. "A Tiny Seed" makes me think of a really aggressive person who is angry because nobody understands/loves him. What will the seed of resentment grow into I wonder? the waves of vocal humms and long pronounced howls that are mixed into the background contribute to the feeling of being stuck inside of one's head.
the next three tracks are very to the point. "No More Night Driving" and "Growing Up is Easy" are frank and honest songs about exactly what the title suggests. "The Cops" is a super graphic song about murder and the boys in blue clean-up-crew, and how it doesnt feel right eating after you watch a corpse get scraped off the sidewalk. these tracks remind me of Jonathan Richman if he was more cynical, and laughed at inapropriate times.
After the true to life narratives of the the middle three songs, the album reverts back to the deeper complexities of the beginning. "Warning" is a sweet Bri White cover that is by far the most cryptic track on the album. It is probably about suicide. and "Wet Cloud" is my favorite track because it is absurd and beautiful, "If i fell through a wet cloud, i would be very wet. to the bones i would bet. then if i kept falling through another wet cloud, it was wetter than the first wet cloud." what does that mean? if you consider that the "sky holds a power and this is the hour to fall," then maybe it makes more sense. or not. it basically begs you to come to your own conclusions about its meaning, and make it your own. and so in that way it is like a gift from Stephen to the listener for listening to the whole album.
The entire album was a gift figuratively and literally, to me. i sent him five bucks (the cost of one) and he sent me three as well as an issue of manys #4 (a thoroughly fucked up cartoon zine) the art is great on everything (see picture) and i have been able to play it for strangers who liked it and subsequently sold my extra copies. when people get pumped on something they have never heard before it is always a good sign. and it probably means that the release diddnt necessitate a review (as it is limited to 100 anyways) but here it is anyways.


read what stephen thinks about all sorts of random shit on his blog Holy Smoking.
check out his Myspace.

April 20, 2009


since the fall or winter of last year peaking lights have become more and more "my JAM". indra dunis and aaron coyes make up peaking lights hailing from im assuming somwhere in the midwest??? anyways both are from rahdunes and indra is also from Numbers. i really liked numbers as a matter of fact i jammed numbers hard for a good part of my senior year of high school. though i don't really care for erase eratta their split with numbers RULES.

i don't want to talk about numbers a bunch, because anyone who liked dynasty and got into numbers, your bridge isn't made here. numbers the way i loved numbers most consisted of fast sporadic synth music. peaking lights on the other hand are patient with every conscise breath and every noise sounded, i can't begin to tell you how much i have always wanted to be in a band that can feel so necessary and comforting at a slow speed.

the best way for me to describe peaking lights is from a quote that can be seen on the artwork inside of Abe Vigoda's Sophmore album that went somthing like the following "if you stretch out your most favorite moment of your life, you would have one really dull moment." this applies to peaking lights except not dull in the slightest, tantilizing and amazing in the most gentle ways. i feel very good listening to this music.

this song is on their profile it is the jam

April 16, 2009


Abe Vigoda - Don't Lie from Weston Currie on Vimeo.


a couple years ago i lived at a house called the turtle shouse, many sick bands came through and played. among my favorites was argumentix from portland, if you don't know about argumentix thats a shame. just google argumentix or alarmist. anyways argumentix and his friend dan of budweiser sprite left me almost everything they had. among this was a tape titled the QUE-TONG MIXX TAPE VOL 1 anyways this is a sick bunch of jams that i have been listening to constantly for the past few weeks.

here is the audio for it check it

track listing
1. Diplomats-the best out
2. lil wayne- birdman jr
3. young jeezy- gangsta music
4. 666 mafia- don't violate
5. diplomats- get down
6. hell rell- paper boy
7. T.I.- I'm talkin to you
8. dizzee rascal- fix up look sharp
9. 50 cent- many men(wish death)
10. B.G.- bling bling
11. jeulz santana- mic check
12. clipse- god damn
13. destiny's child- soldier
14. fabulous- tit 4 tat
15. akon- i wanna love you
16. young turk- it's in me
17. ?????
18. R. Kelly/ USHER- the same girl
19. nelly furtado i think blah

there you go, this mixtape rules james squeaky rules

April 14, 2009

RADNESS: Electric Annihilation

Tynan Krakoff of DNT fame doesn't let up for nobody. i am trying to do a label and i really wanted to do a zine/magazine simultaneously but i recently decided to put the latter on the back burner so that i do one good thing instead of two shitty things. anyways Krakoff is putting people to shame with the first publication of Electric Annihilation.

Electric Annihilation(from what i read on the website) is a big ass zine. kindof like fader mag for the punks(not to be confused with punx)
the first issue has interviews with:
henry rollins
sun araw
thurston moore
and wet hair

along with some "scene reports" from corespondents all over the world

this is some crazy jazz. not only that but they are making 5,000 of these and all of the art looks way rad.

here's the catch, they don't deal with paypal. if you want one you need to get your ass an envelope put 3$ in it (cash/check/money order) and mail it to him in SF. if you live overseas you have to go through distro. if you are in canada its 4$

you can get it in selected areas and also certain distro's are going to carry it. not just a couple small ones, but big ones and lots of them.

i think this is amazing and i have admired DNT for quite some time now go check this out.


andy recently reviewed DNT's release of the yukoXchino split tape with sasqrotch. check that out as well

April 13, 2009



hooooooollllly shit , i can't even describe how excited i was when i heard about this album....seriously ive been telling all of my friends i can't wait to get it. "summer of hate" by san diego's crocodiles right?? crocodiles are both chuck and brandon former members of the beautifully jazzy and destructive plot to blow up the eiffel tower. these guys are amazing. the first song screaming chrome opens you up to what you know is the beginning of something mesmerizing . crocodiles take you to all sorts of places in this album. they keep the same angst and snottiness of the plot but the music is more driving and it creates all sorts of almost atmospheric feelings at times almost like you're alone and drugged , then it picks up into a heavy pop grooves. there's something about this band and i can't explain it they have swagger like no other , when you hear soft skull or refuse angles you just feel it like you're in at dark dirty trashy dance party in a fucked up house and everyone is going crazy.

basically , you'd be stupid not to own this album when it comes out.

listen to them!


April 09, 2009



fam006----twin lion-awesome power-c 30 tape
after a long time this release is finally out. i put a lot into this release from the beautiful two sided fine printed art to the pro dubbed and imprinted tapes. this release was supposed to be 12 songs. it is 10. im sorry it took so long.
limited to 200
all are hand numbered

fam05b----no paws-album on tape
no paws' album that came out in january on narf records on two sides of beautiful blue tape. im not going to beat around the bush. i printed the art at my grandmothers house and i didn't even label the sides. i really just wanted this album to be on tape. andy from OBEAST tapes did the dubbing and it sounds amazing
limited to 45
hand numbered

i am sending out the masters on monday for it to be made into plates.

i am really happy to have these out right now
thanks everybody who has been ordering stuff i am trying really hard to keep up with the orders.


April 07, 2009

yukoXchino / sasqrotch split cassette

I got to see yukoXchino play at the /OTHER noise show in Santa Barbara. The show as a whole was great and all the artists that performed brought something interesting to the fold. Personally, I am not a fan of the break-core noise stuff, but there wasn’t much of that style present. The band that resonated most with me was yukoXchino. The performance was noisy, but not in an elaborate or confusing way, rather a solid doom metal drone groove way. Anyways, after hanging out with Rhys for a summer the weight of yukoXchino seemed all the more impressive for me. I traded for his cassette split with Sasqrotch and have played it over and over again since. Both bands are very similar, which I don’t generally prefer on a split release as it forces the listener to compare the two, but considering the atmospheric quality of both bands it is easy for me to see the tape as a whole rather than two halves. it is heavy as fuck, the intro sample of the Halloween child chant sets the tone. It maintains a sub- musical tempo throughout the majority of tape, save for the moment of frantic "run away from the deathbringer" sounding outro track at the end. It’s layered with shrieking guitar tones, trashy, broken- sounding percussive noises, static hiss, and immutable evil. The differences between sides are remote, the sasqrotch side is equally evocative and impressive but is more drone and more freeform. The yukoXchino side (my favorite) is more doom and noise centered ranging from repetitive patterns and faint structure to washing atonal sound waves. Each artist borrows from the other and though it is a split by definition, it sounds far more collaborative. the art is impressive too. Red cassette with gritty looking labels, and a plain white j-card covered in color printed transparencies.

this tape is the shit. buy it.
it was put out by DNT records, you can get it HERE.
yukoXchino myspace page
sasqrotch myspace page

April 06, 2009


wavves - to the dregs 7" ppm

can i hate for a second? this is the wackest cover i have ever seen. i'm not going to rant using clever analogies that pertain to how much this cover looks like it was done in ms paint but come on has anybody else become fed up with bedroom punk one man band thing that seems to be putting quantity over quality?

i like bands, i like bands with three people, four people, i also like bands with one person doing everything. that is cool. most importantly i like bands that make quality.

to me 7"s with one song per side are kindof a drag, i have some and i like them. this is wack because it has "to the dregs" on side A and a different version on side B. is it just me or do records like this usually end up at the back of your collection?

i am really interested in what other people think on this issue. you should comment on what you think.