Family Time

November 16, 2009

Strange Dream

i had a lot of dreams last night, but the last one was most notable.

It began with me my friend Rogers, his father and another guy standing outside of a beat up house, Rogers' father goes inside the house and Rogers tells me that he forgot the code his dad would use if he was in trouble. I don't know how but there was an understanding that his dad was going inside of the house to buy drugs.

The dream fractures and begins again with me sitting inside a room of that house doing cocaine with some dude. We begin to fight and we both are covered in cocaine. His eyes are bleeding and he continues to fight with his eyes closed while letting out screams of horror. I defeat the dude and begin to escape out the window crashing through the glass onto the grass outside.

I am back in the room again fighting with the dude again and i win once again and begin to escape, this time out his bedroom door, to a hallway that leads to another door to another hallway and then back out side where rogers is standing. This scenario of me fighting the guy and escapeing happens one more time and i wake up.

I don't know where to begin in analyzing this but the imagery of the man's eyes bleeding and having to escape through 3 doors is very interesting to me.

Vimeo Addiction

so as you might have noticed i prefer vimeo to youtube any day, while on a video binge today i stumbleda across some really amazing videos made by im assuming a new yorker by the name of Ray Concepcion. He has some really good footage mostly taken one unending recording.

Check it out it is so pretty

Abe Vigoda // Live-Long from Ray ConcepcioƱ on Vimeo.

Real Estate // Fake Blues from Ray ConcepcioƱ on Vimeo.

Ray's Vimeo Account


Gaga is the new Klaus Nomi?


My mind has changed about this band heavily within the last few months, first time i heard this band i played with them on there way back from south by southwest. Their sound was dry and tired, nothing to compare to all the internet talk that i had heard from months before. Last august while on tour in Sacramento almost all of the members were there. Our keyboardist was hanging out alot with one of them and he seemed like a pretty sweet dude, only a couple minutes into the night did i find that one of the members had an AFI tattoo for totalimortal, which is pretty sick. He seemed kind of embarrassed about it when i brought it up but I quickly let him know it was very alright. Anyways, i got back from my trip heavily inclined to give this band a second chance and im glad i did. This bands output/quality ratio is one to be admired.

They had something come out within one of the last batches from Indie label juggernaut captured tracks, it is probably worth buying

Ganglians Live at Morin Studios from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

November 11, 2009

i love vimeo

i have been getting way into recording shows on cassette(which i will post soon), but i love how my digital camera records video. i just got some good net access and uploaded some videos that i have had check them out

Rapid Youth - Triumph from Family Time on Vimeo.

Meth Teeth - Failures selected by god from Family Time on Vimeo.

Rapid Youth - Foxtails from Family Time on Vimeo.

October 22, 2009

Foot Villiage / 60 Watt Kid

Buy it.

Soooooooo good.

the 60 Watt Kid side is immaculate. The Foot Village side is great too and has some very creative use of crutches. This record is a gem. Buy it. Dont be dumb.

I was going to give it a real review, but that would be overkill because it speaks for itself. everyone should just trust and go for it.

buy it here.

October 14, 2009

Summer Bummer Compilation

This year has been a pretty big year for me and a lot of people around me, with that said i think it would be best to say goodbye in pieces. I know the year is not over yet but for me summer is the time of year when i feel most productive. With that said i say goodbye to summer with Bathetic and their monster of a summer compilation. 20 tracks in all, with exclusive songs from Deep Sht and Norse horse, and the demo version of Best Coast's hit "sun was high(so was she)" song. A springsteen cover by the Mississippi monster Flight. Also this is one of two compilations that you can get a strange frames song on, the other being the family time 12" comp.

Let me list the reasons a little better
1.Deep sht and Norse Horse put EXCLUSIVE TRACKS ON THIS SHIT


September 24, 2009

New Blood: Secret Tones

As of January I didn't really know of anything from San Luis Obispo besides it's mission. That is until i stumbled upon Secret Tones, Secret Tones are a gothic sort of post punk band that Thee Outernet describes as "Cure at their best, (and) Bauhaus at their most intense". Amidst San Luis' clean coastal air and beautiful clear skies Secret Tones have gradually got on their feet playing live aswell as recording and releasing their debut tape "Morning Never Comes". The second week of October finds them embarking on their first mini tour of Southern California and Arizona with dates with Trudgers Blessure Grave and No Paws. Also it will mark their Debut on Family time with a 6 song Cassette and Cdr still untitled.

This is the song "Soft Pulse" off of their self released tape.

Secret Tones Mini Tour Dates
Thursday Oct 8th Back to the Grind-Riverside W/No Paws and Trudgers
Friday Oct 9th TBA Pheonix or Tempe House Show W/Blessure Grave and Trudgers
Saturday Oct 10th Soda Bar -San Diego W/ Blessure Grave No Paws and Trudgers

All of these are going to be Trudgers first shows with its current line-up and with his debut release "Stag at the Social" on Hi Shadow!!

ALSO! Blessure Grave is playing on the 12th of October at the Part Time Punks Fest in Los Angeles!

New Blood: Tan Dollar

I saw this band awhile back when Kevin Greenspon dragged me to the Echo Curio after seeing some friends play at The Smell. I was kind of tired, and bummed that I was going to a show so late as I would probably miss a lot of bands. I missed Hell Kite, which was shitty, but I am sure she will come back soon enough. Anyways, I went to this show with little to no hopes or expectations only to be pleasantly surprised by the closing act. Tan Dollar was the only band that I caught at the E.C. that night, but they absolutely justified my having gone.

Synth rock for days, I became instantly nostalgic of when No Paws wrote pop songs and had Jillian singing. The synth is robust, and creates a sort of dynamic energy that makes you shake at the songs crest, and smile at the sweet release. The drums are on point, but subtle as fuck. I feel like if they had a crazy stupid drummer, then they would sound like Religious Girls or any other exp. band trying to be punk. Luckily, they don’t. The vocals are often nonexistent, but when the singers do chime in, it is as complimentary as the drums. This band seems to exemplify the meaning of balance.

I went home and added them on myspace, and after a few short months they threw up two different EPs for free download. BLISS. The first one I got was “Pink Sky,” and that one was and still is my jam. Less vocals, but excellent sound craftsmanship throughout and a surprisingly good recording quality. The other EP available is untitled, with more pointillist synth rhythms and much more vocals. It is also a good listen.

This band is solid. Download their shit, and go see them play at Ports O Call on Dec. 9th with Baby birds don’t drink milk, Kevin Greenspon, and Nicole Kidman.