March 09, 2009


this may be old news, troubleman unlimited has just released a slew of new LPs worth picking up. among them is a live radio 12" of brooklyn's current darlings vivian girls, O-VOIDS LP a pocahaunted LP, but probably the one i have been looking forward to most, the zola jesus 12" ep, "tsar bomba". limited to 500 this release will sell out within the upcoming months. zola jesus or Nika Danilova as she is legally recognized resides in madison, wisconsin. thats right wisconsin. both dark with pop structures danilova doesn't try to put a little soul in her step. she has a beautiful powerful voice. i am way into it. not to mention the dude from dead luke plays a lot of the instruments for her live. this is dope i want it. the stuff on her myspace for it sounds way better than the "poor sons" 7"

check out sea talk here
she is doing a short north east tour with wet hair, so keep your eyes peeled

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Merida said...

hey! sweet blog, i caught a listen of that zola jesus record and it is so good! unfortunately records do not come cheap in my town so i can't actually afford to buy it.
looking forward to a new o-voids release as well, we are fans of them and they are fans of us which is always nice. keep up the good blogging!
Merida (La La Vasquez)x