April 06, 2009


wavves - to the dregs 7" ppm

can i hate for a second? this is the wackest cover i have ever seen. i'm not going to rant using clever analogies that pertain to how much this cover looks like it was done in ms paint but come on has anybody else become fed up with bedroom punk one man band thing that seems to be putting quantity over quality?

i like bands, i like bands with three people, four people, i also like bands with one person doing everything. that is cool. most importantly i like bands that make quality.

to me 7"s with one song per side are kindof a drag, i have some and i like them. this is wack because it has "to the dregs" on side A and a different version on side B. is it just me or do records like this usually end up at the back of your collection?

i am really interested in what other people think on this issue. you should comment on what you think.


HI SHADOW said...


Family Time said...

haha you should elaborate

Forest Gumps Fury said...

I havnt heard it. but the cover art is like young machetes and hoarse lords, and probably more that i dont know about.

La Garçonne Noir said...

I haven't heard it...so I mostly agree with you.

Quantity should never come before quality.

And I'm not feeling the cover either.

HI SHADOW said...

boring as shit. i like to the dregs but i wish i could blow money on boring seven inches with the same song on both sides and a boring cover. definitely think this is quantity over quality. and it should have less quantity so i could buy a few copies and flip em to use on more positive shit.

Daily Dares said...

Well said. It's almost as if someone told them to put this out just to capitalize on their hype. Not that they don't deserve the recognition that they're getting but at least give us something worth spending money on.

Kevin said...
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Family Time said...

i like how kevin wrote somthing then took it down