March 06, 2009

UPTAPE 2:double header

so my hist 341 class got canceled today i will use this newly acquired time to blog about a new favorite, hailing from arkansas(yeah that's right arkansas) i give you PINK PRIEST

while listening, one might just dismiss this stuff as noise compositions, not saying that they are or aren't but underneath everything lies a good melody and some pretty good vocals, both haunting and jarring at the same time. seems right now everything is going to the dark side and i don't really have a hard time with that, and i don't think that pink priest does either. this music is varied so do give it all a shot. circling vultures is getting under my skin pretty well along with carving that midnight pumpkin, both can be heard on his myspace.
there is some fucked up shit happening in Arkansas,
check pink priest out here
download I Want To Stand By You At The End Of The World


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