March 02, 2009


i have noticed for a while that the frequency of my blogging in comparison to others is weak, and i have decided this morning after a refreshing monster energy drink that i will step it up. i am planing on blogging everyday for as long as i can.

here i go.

i have been meaning to blog about things i have received in the mail lately for there has been so much that i haven't checked out a lot of it.

1.blank dogs "the seconds" 12" 4 songs captured tracks 002
this is the second vinyl release from captured tracks and has some pretty rad artwork. i don't know what it is but it is way different than most blank dogs artwork that i have seen. i feel pretty lucky i ordered one early and recieved one of the 150 that have hand colored covers. i think it came out pretty classy for hand colored. i would probably do it and eventually make a bunch of crappy ones. i haven't gotten to listen to it yet.
2.dum dum girls untitled 4 song 12" captured tracks 001
same design of packaging as blank dogs 12".
not hand colored sadly but it all looks reel nice. i have already heard most of it and i love it i jammed pretty hard through the whole thing.
3.mark mccoy "wound" book the heartworm press #24
this is pretty dope i have always been into mark mccoys hand drawn stuff but in wound he dabbles in more of a cut and paste technique that leaves vagueness for your imagination to run wild. a lot of overtly sexual themes that i was way into, some beastiality in it too. i loved the packaging along with a very nice forward. the cover is dope with wound pressed into the cover on ivory white. not to mention it came in a sealed black envelope. (very creepy). it contains art from the failures album and the blessure grave cold cave crocodiles split. it is dope. worth $40
4. wavves "so bored" 7" single young turks ???
wavves is aight i liked a lot of the recordings, when i saw him live is drummer was very rock-esque. and i thought the s/t full length was more hype than what was there. with all of that aside i bought 3 "so bored " 7"s. i have been doing a lot of thinking about record fliping. and as a collector i don't really dig it, but in this case his records go for some bucks and i figured if i can buy three and put out a tape of somebody(deep sht out in march) i will and not feel bad about it.
5. bad dudes "Böse Kerle" (euro 7") altin village 023
i loved the bad dudes, not to say i don't love the bad dudes. but when i was in high school what changed my taste in music completely was a mix cd that had the bad dudes s/t album and chromatics "plaster hounds'" both are crazy different but had a great impact on my musical tastes. since then i have just automatically bought all of their releases on vinyl with this tour 7" i now have everything but their new album, that i am 50/50 on. dope artwork.
6.u.s. girls "
Kankakee Memories EP" cherry burger 001
debut release from brooklyn's new cherry burger, bad name yes great music totally. they have a 4 way split release coming out with trudgers and jeans wilder coming out soon. so looking forward. this release however is so rad. the first side is less songy than the full length on siltbreeze, but very harsh and good. on the second side miss remy does some very dope covers justice in the only way she can. you should get it , the cover is dope the music is rad and cherry burger is so nice. not to mention i got it crazy fast.
7.abe vigoda " reviver " 12" ppm 20
abe vigoda surprise me on this, i heard it in january when tyler found it online. a big change if you ask me, for the better??? yes. don't lie is amazing, dope druming and and amazing chorus solid. everything else is like a brain warp. it is all over the place in both dark and light. skeleton sounds really happy and i know its not. reviver isn't a happy record to me. i shows that this band is in the same reality as everybody else they get bummed to. this is a versatile record. i like it a lot.

i sound rich, i am totally going to blog tomorrow.