April 20, 2009


since the fall or winter of last year peaking lights have become more and more "my JAM". indra dunis and aaron coyes make up peaking lights hailing from im assuming somwhere in the midwest??? anyways both are from rahdunes and indra is also from Numbers. i really liked numbers as a matter of fact i jammed numbers hard for a good part of my senior year of high school. though i don't really care for erase eratta their split with numbers RULES.

i don't want to talk about numbers a bunch, because anyone who liked dynasty and got into numbers, your bridge isn't made here. numbers the way i loved numbers most consisted of fast sporadic synth music. peaking lights on the other hand are patient with every conscise breath and every noise sounded, i can't begin to tell you how much i have always wanted to be in a band that can feel so necessary and comforting at a slow speed.

the best way for me to describe peaking lights is from a quote that can be seen on the artwork inside of Abe Vigoda's Sophmore album that went somthing like the following "if you stretch out your most favorite moment of your life, you would have one really dull moment." this applies to peaking lights except not dull in the slightest, tantilizing and amazing in the most gentle ways. i feel very good listening to this music.

this song is on their profile it is the jam

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