April 13, 2009



hooooooollllly shit , i can't even describe how excited i was when i heard about this album....seriously ive been telling all of my friends i can't wait to get it. "summer of hate" by san diego's crocodiles right?? crocodiles are both chuck and brandon former members of the beautifully jazzy and destructive plot to blow up the eiffel tower. these guys are amazing. the first song screaming chrome opens you up to what you know is the beginning of something mesmerizing . crocodiles take you to all sorts of places in this album. they keep the same angst and snottiness of the plot but the music is more driving and it creates all sorts of almost atmospheric feelings at times almost like you're alone and drugged , then it picks up into a heavy pop grooves. there's something about this band and i can't explain it they have swagger like no other , when you hear soft skull or refuse angles you just feel it like you're in at dark dirty trashy dance party in a fucked up house and everyone is going crazy.

basically , you'd be stupid not to own this album when it comes out.

listen to them!



Forest Gumps Fury said...

yes! super stoked you are on deck rogers! i downloaded this album the moment you told me it was out. it is really fucking good.

La Garçonne Noir said...

Seriously such a good review! You got me so pumped, I'm all giddy now. I definitely have to check it out SOON.

Also, super pumped that you're blogging. I knew it was only a matter of time. Can't wait for more posts.

thw said...

that's a tune right there...

Family Time said...

that is a really sick cover

Lane said...

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