April 14, 2009

RADNESS: Electric Annihilation

Tynan Krakoff of DNT fame doesn't let up for nobody. i am trying to do a label and i really wanted to do a zine/magazine simultaneously but i recently decided to put the latter on the back burner so that i do one good thing instead of two shitty things. anyways Krakoff is putting people to shame with the first publication of Electric Annihilation.

Electric Annihilation(from what i read on the website) is a big ass zine. kindof like fader mag for the punks(not to be confused with punx)
the first issue has interviews with:
henry rollins
sun araw
thurston moore
and wet hair

along with some "scene reports" from corespondents all over the world

this is some crazy jazz. not only that but they are making 5,000 of these and all of the art looks way rad.

here's the catch, they don't deal with paypal. if you want one you need to get your ass an envelope put 3$ in it (cash/check/money order) and mail it to him in SF. if you live overseas you have to go through distro. if you are in canada its 4$

you can get it in selected areas and also certain distro's are going to carry it. not just a couple small ones, but big ones and lots of them.

i think this is amazing and i have admired DNT for quite some time now go check this out.


andy recently reviewed DNT's release of the yukoXchino split tape with sasqrotch. check that out as well


La Garçonne Noir said...

I love this blog.

Family Time said...

this blog has moderate feelings about you, i on the other hand do love you and wish you the best