April 07, 2009

yukoXchino / sasqrotch split cassette

I got to see yukoXchino play at the /OTHER noise show in Santa Barbara. The show as a whole was great and all the artists that performed brought something interesting to the fold. Personally, I am not a fan of the break-core noise stuff, but there wasn’t much of that style present. The band that resonated most with me was yukoXchino. The performance was noisy, but not in an elaborate or confusing way, rather a solid doom metal drone groove way. Anyways, after hanging out with Rhys for a summer the weight of yukoXchino seemed all the more impressive for me. I traded for his cassette split with Sasqrotch and have played it over and over again since. Both bands are very similar, which I don’t generally prefer on a split release as it forces the listener to compare the two, but considering the atmospheric quality of both bands it is easy for me to see the tape as a whole rather than two halves. it is heavy as fuck, the intro sample of the Halloween child chant sets the tone. It maintains a sub- musical tempo throughout the majority of tape, save for the moment of frantic "run away from the deathbringer" sounding outro track at the end. It’s layered with shrieking guitar tones, trashy, broken- sounding percussive noises, static hiss, and immutable evil. The differences between sides are remote, the sasqrotch side is equally evocative and impressive but is more drone and more freeform. The yukoXchino side (my favorite) is more doom and noise centered ranging from repetitive patterns and faint structure to washing atonal sound waves. Each artist borrows from the other and though it is a split by definition, it sounds far more collaborative. the art is impressive too. Red cassette with gritty looking labels, and a plain white j-card covered in color printed transparencies.

this tape is the shit. buy it.
it was put out by DNT records, you can get it HERE.
yukoXchino myspace page
sasqrotch myspace page

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