April 16, 2009


a couple years ago i lived at a house called the turtle shouse, many sick bands came through and played. among my favorites was argumentix from portland, if you don't know about argumentix thats a shame. just google argumentix or alarmist. anyways argumentix and his friend dan of budweiser sprite left me almost everything they had. among this was a tape titled the QUE-TONG MIXX TAPE VOL 1 anyways this is a sick bunch of jams that i have been listening to constantly for the past few weeks.

here is the audio for it check it

track listing
1. Diplomats-the best out
2. lil wayne- birdman jr
3. young jeezy- gangsta music
4. 666 mafia- don't violate
5. diplomats- get down
6. hell rell- paper boy
7. T.I.- I'm talkin to you
8. dizzee rascal- fix up look sharp
9. 50 cent- many men(wish death)
10. B.G.- bling bling
11. jeulz santana- mic check
12. clipse- god damn
13. destiny's child- soldier
14. fabulous- tit 4 tat
15. akon- i wanna love you
16. young turk- it's in me
17. ?????
18. R. Kelly/ USHER- the same girl
19. nelly furtado i think blah

there you go, this mixtape rules james squeaky rules


Forest Gumps Fury said...

do you remember how many cool ass bands played at your house??? do you ever wonder why the hell you moved out?

Family Time said...

nope i know exactly why i moved out. i had no job, i was very sad, i had staff infection, i had to give up that dog that i had for a second cause i couldn't buy it food. i was losing weight cause i couldn't feed myself.

sun burns said...

im really excited that you got a track listing for that tape.

Family Time said...

i had to figure it out from listening to it

Kevin said...

b.g. track is hilarious, i love that one where he goes "WE FROM UPTOWN WE LIKE ICE ON OUR NUTS HOE"


peaking lights/rahdunes are killer live, album has a lot of downtime though

envythedead said...

oh shit. there's a b side too.. i miss this tape. going to bring it on tour!

Smithjunior Kumar said...

i had to figure it out from listening to it