September 24, 2009

New Blood: Tan Dollar

I saw this band awhile back when Kevin Greenspon dragged me to the Echo Curio after seeing some friends play at The Smell. I was kind of tired, and bummed that I was going to a show so late as I would probably miss a lot of bands. I missed Hell Kite, which was shitty, but I am sure she will come back soon enough. Anyways, I went to this show with little to no hopes or expectations only to be pleasantly surprised by the closing act. Tan Dollar was the only band that I caught at the E.C. that night, but they absolutely justified my having gone.

Synth rock for days, I became instantly nostalgic of when No Paws wrote pop songs and had Jillian singing. The synth is robust, and creates a sort of dynamic energy that makes you shake at the songs crest, and smile at the sweet release. The drums are on point, but subtle as fuck. I feel like if they had a crazy stupid drummer, then they would sound like Religious Girls or any other exp. band trying to be punk. Luckily, they don’t. The vocals are often nonexistent, but when the singers do chime in, it is as complimentary as the drums. This band seems to exemplify the meaning of balance.

I went home and added them on myspace, and after a few short months they threw up two different EPs for free download. BLISS. The first one I got was “Pink Sky,” and that one was and still is my jam. Less vocals, but excellent sound craftsmanship throughout and a surprisingly good recording quality. The other EP available is untitled, with more pointillist synth rhythms and much more vocals. It is also a good listen.

This band is solid. Download their shit, and go see them play at Ports O Call on Dec. 9th with Baby birds don’t drink milk, Kevin Greenspon, and Nicole Kidman.

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