September 10, 2009

Fuck Hippies/Woodstock?

i have been saying it for a long time, but i feel that lately with the anniversary and that movie woodstock movie coming out i feel really sure about it. That is before i was just being a jerk!

i feel like woodstock was a huge example of how contradictory that "generation" was when thinking of the idiotic nature of the people attending, the rampant drug use, and the massive amount of garbage left on this giant field.


Anonymous said...

You think you or your generation are any less defined by contradiction? Tell me something you believe in and I'll give you a contradiction.

Family Time said...

something i believe in is honesty. i feel like a lot of people from that generation were selfishly involved in not participating. the major contradiction is in the fact that they employed ideals of peace and tranquility at their convenience.

Forest Gumps Fury said...

I hope everyone realizes how badly music culture was marred by this destructive fad. Free love and peace was a pretty moniker that masked a generation of peoples desire to disengage from society, to de-evolve, to fuck off.

Ive never known of any more depraved and spineless counter culture.

John Lennon is fucking dead.

Tholos said...

dont fuck with woodstock 99

"break stuff y'all"
-Freddy durst

Anonymous said...

dont be knockin rampant drug use. but hippies do give stoners like myself a bad name