September 09, 2009

Memory Lane: Geisha Girls

I just started using my ipod again after a long long time and i started listening to Geisha Girls again. A perfect three piece from Costa Mesa CA. The singer sounds like he has a heavy infatuation with Robert Smith and at times their delivery may give people thoughts of Gang Of Four or Warsaw. They also did a cover of "Ceremony" that i have yet to hear. They were only around for a year or two, but in that time period i think they put out some really good stuff.

With a debut 12", 2 7"s, a full length album, a couple west coast tours, and short stint playing early Bad Brains material for HR solo, they called it quits. I don't really know why, but i ran into the drummer after Fuck Yeah Fest a couple of years back and he said that the singer became a Buddhist and moved far away, whether or not that is true i don't know.

Though their existence now is little, they left behind some good records worth listening too. I have both of their 7"s and their album. The 12" debut is most praised but i have yet to get it besides a couple songs here and there. The full length doesn't seem to go anywhere, not to say that it has nothing good on it, i feel they had nowhere else to go. That may also be the reason that they broke up?

Here is a little portion of their history that was never released. It is a live set on KUCI that i recorded a couple years ago and cut it up.
Geisha Girls-Live on ZM RADIO

Geisha Girls "Buckingham" from their 7" on Backflip Records


Forest Gumps Fury said...

totally rad, i wish i had seen them.

Family Time said...

me too, i can't believe how good they were