January 26, 2009


first with the blessure grave tour kick-0ff show at UC Irvine. protect me opened. i have to say these dudes have come a long way, ima gymnast pretty much sucked, a lot. that band lacked a serious amount of creativity and i thought was really boring live(especially for a punk band), but protect me rules, these dudes are doing it hard and show no signs of stoping. we came in a couple songs into the set and as soon as we walked in my jaw dropped. the drums where tight and the bass sounds were thick. the samples were on point and the dual vocals flowed right along with the fluidity of their whole sound.
second was blessure grave, this was their first show with rogers and the first time he used more than a floor tom and snare. it was pretty solid up till complications with one of the songs that their was drum difficulty with. all in all they were pretty tight and can't wait to see the improvements when they come back.
crocodiles played next, they were LOUD. I love it when bands play loud. they started off pretty cool until the PA wasn't having it, then some modifications then the show continued with just as much energy. they seemed pretty bummed by the set afterwards, but they sounded pretty dope, i wanted to get my hands on one of those jah crocodile shirts but funds were limited due especially to that altars 7" on the blessure grave table.
sprawl out played last, those dudes are goons and i don't really care for goons

sunday was a beautiful day i woke up, jammed with brent met his dog and we picked up hatti and tyler and went to that big ass smell show. j-lep played, i wasn't that into them. wavves played second and i was into it, minus my discovery of the dudes lyrics. his new drummer is a rocker guy but the set was tight through and through. weed demon sounded pretty good. third was rings they were kindof rough but sounded really good when they were on. i missed DSS but came back for abe vigoda. i think on the car ride home it was agreed that it was probably the best Abe set we have ever seen. it got kindof emotional towards the end, being it was reggie's last smell show with them and all but it ended on a good note with little said. mika miko played but it was pretty hot and had to go outside. no age played and it seemed kindof flat, we left early cause we were hungry and we had a long drive.


en-particulier said...

i caught the uci show but have seen all the bands at that smell show too many times to actually will myself to go to the smell. blessure grave was sick, crocodiles too. not sure if i'd be as generous to protect me as you are- maybe it is just hard to get over having had to see them when they had the girl singer and sucked so completely, but if i see them again i'll try to approach it tabula rasa. sprawl out are goons indeed. being that i live in orange county i've had the misfortune of having to navigate around those guys in social situations. shudders galore.

Family Time said...

yeah ima gymnast really did suck, but people have sucky bands sometimes especially at first. i know mine was and not to say any of my current ones are amazing. i like that somebody not in my circle of friends agrees that sprawl out are goons