January 07, 2009


2009 has fully began for me today with the abrupt end of the no paws / rapid youth tour. because we got snowwed into one of the worst storms in Washington history we couldn't make it to Olympia to play, then during the storm our windshield wipers went out. not to mention the van we were touring in didn't have heating / defrosters. we chose to limit our loses by not venturing towards boise salt lake city or denver and head home.

on the other hand
1. we have returned home safely
2. we had a really good time
3. we have tons of tour cdrs that we were selling at shows, because the tour is pretty much over the bands want you to have them, so just send your info to either rapid youth/no paws/ family time and we will send you a copy. these are hand made and contain rad shit. limited to 100 we probably have 60 left.

but again 2009 is now and i can't tell you how excited i am so i will try my best in list form
1. twin lion-awesome power c30 tape
2. trudgers / twin lion split cdr
3. no paws 12"
4. ports o'call / me collaborative zine
plus way more that is all that comes to mind right now

keep your eyes out and check out
Ancient Crux-interracial coupling cdr it is dope

also the no paws / rapid youth tour completes this saturday at the soda bar with christmas island and blessure grave $5 san diego california presented by skull control most likely some djs also

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