January 23, 2009


so i guess i met kyle before the other night, but i am a dick and i don't remember. anyways we were talking and then he was like yeah i do music under infinite body. i had seen the name and asked if he had anything that he could sell me. he told me that he would give me a copy of his 12", what a dope dude. anyways he gave it to me and i listened to it last saturday after i got back from the san diego zoo. it is fucking DOPE. the release is a one sided 12" called "a series of false awakenings" 300 were released by arber. it is one continuous song of all kinds of noises and patterns that is continuously flowing. overall a pretty well thought piece, never getting to crazy or out of control, unlike others who do similar stuff. i think this is pretty rad, i am considering buying his 11 song cd white hymns on, i believe his own label, not today.

but yes this is what "a series of false awakenings" looks like

and this is one of his upcoming shows i am going to

he is also playing a show on the 22nd at the echo with high places but that sounds expensive and i am mentally broke
but if anybody wants to carpool to this show on the 27th let me know

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