November 16, 2009

Strange Dream

i had a lot of dreams last night, but the last one was most notable.

It began with me my friend Rogers, his father and another guy standing outside of a beat up house, Rogers' father goes inside the house and Rogers tells me that he forgot the code his dad would use if he was in trouble. I don't know how but there was an understanding that his dad was going inside of the house to buy drugs.

The dream fractures and begins again with me sitting inside a room of that house doing cocaine with some dude. We begin to fight and we both are covered in cocaine. His eyes are bleeding and he continues to fight with his eyes closed while letting out screams of horror. I defeat the dude and begin to escape out the window crashing through the glass onto the grass outside.

I am back in the room again fighting with the dude again and i win once again and begin to escape, this time out his bedroom door, to a hallway that leads to another door to another hallway and then back out side where rogers is standing. This scenario of me fighting the guy and escapeing happens one more time and i wake up.

I don't know where to begin in analyzing this but the imagery of the man's eyes bleeding and having to escape through 3 doors is very interesting to me.

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