May 04, 2009


okay so much has been happening in the land of family time within the last couple weeks that i don't know where to start...

paradise vendors 004
rapid youth/graffiti island/male bonding/old blood split 7" yesterday and i can't begin to explain how pumped i am. rapid youth make their debut with probably one of mine and rogers favorite songs that they have ever done, forever losing. i have seen this band grow so much within the past couple of years that it shocks me how they never cease to be better with every song. i am going to go out on a limb but i have said it before, rapid youth is the best band in southern California. i quickly put that on first last night to check that out, i haven't had a chance to listen to the rest.

you should get this 7" no joke you will be missing out if you don't

woodsist 025 "songs of sham"
yeah it is as good as i thought it would be, and then some. has more tracks than the tour tape, and one really long/really rad jam that has the best guitar leads in a pop album in a while. the album closer "where and what you are" is becoming one of my most favorite songs ever!!!

also got
crystal stilts "alight of night"- i like it, i put it on while i wash dishes. this is helping me to accept simplicity when song writing.
cat power "moon pix"- i don't really need to say anything about this album, it speaks for itself and puts most contemporary singer songwriters to shame. i have been wanting it on LP for a while now.
deep sht "weird you"- i have been jamming this release since he sent it my way, the vocals are lazy but concentrated, i can't wait for this to be done

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