May 05, 2009

I'm In My Own Private World

Dirt Dress "Perdido En La Suciedad 1 of 3" TAPE PAPERMADE RECS
i love this band to death, rogers and myself have set up about three different shows for these dudes in Riverside and at all of them, they ruled. not to mention that they are the nicest dudes ever. radness aside these guys make great rock n' roll music, no comparisons, just that, perfect rock n' roll. there is a modesty to this album that i think is to be honored. i can't say enough about this band. perdido en la suciedad 1 of 3 is their latest release on papermade. it is a tape release only but if you want it they have linked on their myspace page a site where you can download it all.
i have linked it here -------->Perdido En La Suciedad


sun burns said...

awesome band

Anonymous said...

21st century rock n roll.