November 19, 2008

abe vigoda vivian girls love is all nodzz @ the smell

i went into the show as nodzz were playing, they played on the floor and there were a ton of kids so i couldn't see them. they sounded good. abe vigoda was sick as usual, this was probably the first time in a long time that i have treked out to see them, and it was worth it. vivian girls were pretty rad, they sounded really good in the smell. love is all was like whatever, i wish i would have saw them when i was younger i probably would have been more jazzed on it then. it was a very very fun night, i have been missing going to big shows.

by the way, i went to see women last week i didn't post on this because it sold out and tyler rogers and myself listened through the door, sounded amazing tyler has pictures. andy was there we played hacky sack, i skated with tyler and i am going to start skating again when rogers bro gives my board back.

i don't think i am going to the ports ocall show on sunday cause my rad hippie uncle who isn't really my uncle is in town. but tons of big rad bands are playing, and gil is playing with adam lipman. i AM going on tuesday to ports ocall

american gil has a new song about dracula and intoxication, it is nice.
also the american gil S/T cd-ep is OUT NOW ON NARF RECORDS
no paws is recording our full length should be ready by tour in dec
family time and no paws will have stickers soon
ancient crux cd-ep will be out in early dec on family time
twin lion is getting his stuff together to be put out in january
also tons more stuff

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Laura said...

I really like your blog.

-stalker (Laura)